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Elena of avalor sex. For Mateo had always been there for her and hid his feelings because he was so scared she wouldn't feel the same way.

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A huge smile brimmed across her face.

His dark eyes searching hers silently as she only wondered what she did wrong.

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That didn't stop his body from reacting on instinct.

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He moved his hand onto the other breast while he moved his kiss onto her stiff, stimulated nipple.

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Around her, she felt the room get warmer as she looked shyly turning on her charm and honesty.

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She should wait for marriage as it was- With that thought she found a nightgown that looked perfect.

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Now that I think about it "What if I can't find a date?

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Elena promptly reached upon her chest and grabbed his tender hand in hers.

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However, that didn't seem to matter.

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