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Luke and leia sex. She held him tight as he pounded into her, not relaxing until he froze and she felt the heat of him flood into her.

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Not anymore.

The sound of his heartbeat would have been her constant companion, as hers would have been to him.

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Being careful not to disturb him, she slipped out of bed and quickly pulled on her clothes.

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January 30, 0.

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Kind of gives their scenes in Empire a different feel if you think of this as plausible .

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And You Belong to Me Author:

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That is the face of a guy who just cashed in his V-card, looking at the girl he has now imprinted on like a baby duckling.

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Just to underline the point, look at them.

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It was the sound of Luke throwing off his clothes.

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Do not read this if you don't enjoy graphic sex!

Everything was different and there was no going back.

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