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Naked ziva david. She attacked his mouth with a ferocity that matched Tony's anger.

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And with every command he gave it to her.

Just think how much more work he'd get done when he dropped that act.

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He had thought she was asleep.

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She was flushed now and she looked at him with a questioning gaze silently asking what he was going to do next.

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She discarded her white cotton Hanes in the corner and slipped on the tiny thong.

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With an outrage that surprised Ziva, Tony stormed up to her until he was inches from her face.

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He kept his gaze locked on hers, loving the look of wonder that shone back at him.

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He grabbed her hair in one hand and twisted it up into a low side bun that he held in place.

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Your accommodations in Paris are pretty low on my list of concerns right now.

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Her legs tensed up as he spread moisture onto her clit.

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